Utensils Size Guide

Every child is unique and grows at different rates. To accommodate each child's unique size, we provide two types of utensils: baby utensils and kids utensils. Baby utensils will fit babies from infancy to two years old, while the kids utensils will serve children from two years old. The baby spoon can scoop the egg yolk out of a soft-boiled egg easily, while the kids spoon is suitable for serving soup.

Below are the measurements of baby utensils and kids utensils:

Baby utensils:

Spoon:  Length: 4.7 inches Width: 0.9 inches Weight: 0.53 oz.

Fork:  Length: 4.7 inches  Width: 0.9 inches  Weight: 0.51 oz. 

Butter spreader/Food pusher: 4.7 inches long 1.6 inches wide 0.93 oz.

Kids utensils:

Spoon:  Length: 5.75 inches  Width: 1.25 inches  Weight: 1.17 oz.

Fork:  Length: 5.75 inches  Width: 1.0 inch  Weight: 1.0 oz.  

Butter Knife:  Length: 6.25 inches  Width: 0.75 inch  Weight: 2.16 oz. 

We hope this guide will help you find the utensils that will fit your child best.