We rejoice in the hope that by God's grace children will bloom into productive and resilient adults living a purposeful life. The season of childhood is precious. It cradles our hope and love for our children. It comes only once in a lifetime. Let's cherish the season of childhood and preserve the beautiful and hopeful memories! #kiddobloom



We design our products with great care and only offer products that are safe and support your child's healthy development.


Fun characters are inserted on the products because kiddohood should be fun.


We cherish childhood memories, hence we design our products to be timeless and "last a little longer". The set will serve as beautiful baby keepsakes.

Where to Buy

We are currently selling our products on US Amazon.com only. Purchase Kiddobloom products at a discount on https://www.amazon.com/kiddobloom 


This product is the perfect non-toxic easy to wash divided plate, bowl, and cup set for kids! It is made with quality stainless steal and I love it! The compartments make it easy to divide things up. And the cup with a handle is great for teaching kids how to properly drink from a cup. Also the bowl is absolutely adorable. My toddler and preschooler are both easily able to get them out of the drawer and set the table- they are the perfect weight. Great investment and makes a great gift too!

Natasha, an Amazon.com customer

I initially ordered one set. Blame it on the Sunday brunch mimosas but I am glad I did! I purchased the education version which is plain stainless. There are no frog or character engravings. I was so impressed with the quality of the items (plate, bowl, cup) and the product packaging that I immediately logged in and ordered two more. I also ordered the baby silverware set in education twice over and am currently anticipating the restocking of the education toddler silverware so I can get those too!

This set is gift wrap ready. If you want a gift to impress at a baby shower this is it!

Dana, an Amazon.com customer

I bought this set purposefully looking for something on the smaller side. My DD had been using our salad forks - she mastered using a fork that way, but started to yank them from our hands when we held them out and I started to fear she was going to yank and then stab herself in the eye. First time parent concern? Possibly. But still, we picked up a set of these. I loved it so much that I bought her a 2nd set! The size is perfect in her hands even though we have a very large (99%) 15 month old. She's been using these for a couple months now and I plan to get her the larger set when she grows out of these. She loves them because they can actually stab food unlike her plasticware.

Warning: these are VERY easy to drop into the garbage disposal. My husband has done it twice now (luckily with the same fork both times) so one of ours is a little dinged up. While that makes me sad, the function isn't impacted at all.

Michelle, an Amazon.com customer

The Gold Standard Love these! Great quality silverware for kids that looks just like ours! Not only better looking than others but no plastic. A win in my book!

Micheal M., an Amazon.com customer

and very useful!Charming, well made, and very useful!

classicaleverything , an Amazon.com customer

Quality Kid SilverwareSolid and durable. We've had these for a few years and they are still as good as ever. No scratches and they've been washed zillions of times.

M+H L , an Amazon.com customer



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