I initially ordered one set. Blame it on the Sunday brunch mimosas but I am glad I did! I purchased the education version which is plain stainless. There are no frog or character engravings. I was so impressed with the quality of the items (plate, bowl, cup) and the product packaging that I immediately logged in and ordered two more. I also ordered the baby silverware set in education twice over and am currently anticipating the restocking of the education toddler silverware so I can get those too! This set is gift wrap ready. If you want a gift to impress at a baby shower this is it!

Dana, an Amazon.com customer

This product is the perfect non-toxic easy to wash divided plate, bowl, and cup set for kids! It is made with quality stainless steal and I love it! The compartments make it easy to divide things up. And the cup with a handle is great for teaching kids how to properly drink from a cup. Also the bowl is absolutely adorable. My toddler and preschooler are both easily able to get them out of the drawer and set the table- they are the perfect weight. Great investment and makes a great gift too!

Natasha, an Amazon.com customer

I just received the product, so I can’t speak for it’s durability, but it seems good quality. Great size for toddlers.
Ive been looking for a stainless steel set for my baby for a long time. This set won in the end because the bowl has handles, and the stainless steel is 304 grade. My 11 months old can pick the bowl up easily. The handles also stay cool when I put hot food in it.

Wen CuiYang, an Amazon.com customer
A baby is eating food from a Kiddobloom baby safe stainless steel bowl with two handles and a baby safe stainless steel fork. The bowl and fork have smooth edges and luxurious mirror polish.

Baby Led Weaning

Suitable for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids

Healthy Food Portion

Attention to Details

A toddler boy is eating from a set of stainless steel dinnerware consists of a stainless steel divided tray, a stainless steel bowl with handles, and a stainless steel cup with handle.


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