Design Philosophy

Kiddobloom has several foundations when it comes to designs of our products.

The thought behind our product design are:

  1. Safety
  2. Careful Selection of Raw Material
  3. Function
  4. Durability
  5. Timeless Aesthetics
  6. Impact on the Environment

We put so much care in the design to make sure we serve the children well.

Kiddobloom is conscious with the amount of plastic waste we generate as a society and we want to do our part in creating a better environment for our children and their next generation.  We want the design of our product features to reflect this eco-friendly and natural zero-waste way of life.

We use pure stainless steel as raw materials for our products because we want to minimize our plastic footprints.  Our earth is already filled with too much plastic waste and some plastic materials are toxic for food-contact.  

We choose high grade stainless steel #304 because we want our products to be more resistant to rust/corrosion under normal usage and care.

We design our products with fairly thick material to make them durable and withstand normal bumps and drops so they do not lose their aesthetics and functionalities.

Lastly, we hope that you can use Kiddobloom products as beautiful childhood keepsakes and pass them down to the next generation to preserve the beautiful memories of their childhood.

So with that in mind, we offer lifetime warranty on all Kiddobloom products  purchased from our website.  Please send us an email with photo of the problems that you encounter with our products, and we will be happy to send you replacements.