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We offer international shipping to selected countries for orders processed from this website.  Please note that we are not responsible for any VAT, duties, and other taxes/charges that you have to pay to clear customs and receive your shipment.

For international shipping, we also recommend that you check out kiddobloom products in our US amazon store.  Amazon has an excellent network of logistics partners around the world so you can get the lowest cost international shipping to over 100 countries. 

Please check with your local customs office for any possible duties and taxes that you have to pay in order to receive your shipment. 

Every country has different customs and tax regulations when it comes to cross-border e-commerce shipment.  If your order's invoice value is below a certain "De Minimis" value, you should be eligible to receive the products without paying additional duties or taxes.  "De Minimis" refers to the minimum value of the goods below which no duties and taxes are being collected by the Customs office.


For your reference, here is a link from Global Express Association (Express Shipping Industry Trade Association) that highlights the "De Minimis" values for each county.  Note: Regulations can change at any time and that the content from GEA may be out of date.  You should ascertain the latest information from your local customs office.

For example (Feb 2019):

1. Australia adopts "De Minimis" value of $1000 AUD.  If your order has a total invoice value of $300 USD, then you should be eligible to receive the order without paying any additional duties or taxes.

2. European Union countries adopt "De Minimis" value of 150 EURO for customs duties and 22 EURO for VAT.   If your order's invoice value is $300 USD, then you will most likely be paying additional duties and taxes according to regulations of the customs office.  To save duties and taxes paid, you should try to reduce the number of items you order to meet the "De Minimis" value.

HSCODE References:

 Kiddobloom Dinnerware Set  7323.93
 Kiddobloom Kids Utensil Set  8215.99
 Kiddobloom Baby Utensil Set  8215.99