Safe stainless steel utensils for kids and toddlers- frog model- 2 kids spoons, 2 kids forks,  1 butter knife.
Features of safe stainless steel utensils for kids and toddlers: smooth edge, no sharp edge, no sharp point

Kids Safe Stainless Steel Utensils Set - Frog

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Kiddobloom kids safe utensils help toddlers and kids learn table manners/ eating etiquette safely. This silverware set includes 2 kids spoons, 2 kids forks, and a blunt butter knife. The fork tines are rounded and smooth to help toddlers safely navigate through self feeding. The spoon is optimally size to hold good amount of soup without slurping. The blunt butter knife helps toddlers and kids apply butter and cut their soft food safely.

Kiddobloom utensils are made from high grade all stainless steel AISI #304. There are no plastic part on the utensils that can degrade overtime. They are easy to keep hygienic. Mold and mildew cannot grow on stainless steel. Grease and oil wash off easily. They do not retain odor.

The eco-friendly packaging is cute and ideal for baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, first day of preschool gifts, back to school gifts, or holiday gifts.

We ensure that Kiddobloom products are safe for babies. We emphasize safety and functionality in the design. We tested all products in trusted labs to be CPSIA and FDA compliant. (CPSIA =The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, FDA = Food and Drug Administration)

Spoon:  Length: 5.75 inches  Width: 1.25 inches  Weight: 1.17 oz.

Fork:  Length: 5.75 inches  Width: 1.0 inch  Weight: 1.0 oz.  

Knife:  Length: 6.25 inches  Width: 0.75 inch  Weight: 2.16 oz.