Kiddobloom Children Stainless Steel Dinnerware

 Kiddobloom stainless steel dinnerware set is ideal for babies and kids. The set includes 1 cup, 1 bowl, and 1 divided plate. They are versatile to use from babyhood to kiddohood. The weight of the dinnerware set provides stability without becoming overly heavy when filled with liquid/food. They are optimally sized to allow good food portioning. Babies can easily reach for food inside the divided plate without overstretching their arms. The bowl and plate will sit stably on the table without sliding when used.

 They are designed to be safe, hygienic, and fun. The blunt edges are safe and smooth. There are no crevices on the rim to prevent trapped food and mold/ mildew's growth. Oil and grease wash off easily. They do not retain odor. They are made from thick single layer stainless steel AISI #304 that is a safe material for food contact and make them strong enough to survive years of bumps and drops. The single layer construction helps parents to be aware of the food/drink temperature without dipping finger into it. The mirror/matte finish combination gives an elegant touch at family mealtimes. Fun characters are inserted on the products because kiddohood should be fun. The characters are strategically placed to make mealtimes more fun for both left-handed and right-handed children. As a bonus, the dinnerware set is stackable with other Kiddobloom dinnerware sets for easy storage.

 The set is packaged in a cute and eco-friendly packaging that makes it a great gift idea for baby showers, birthdays, and holidays. The dinnerware could serve as practical childhood keepsakes that will last a long time

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