Safe stainless steel utensils for baby and toddler - Montessori- 2 baby spoons, 2 baby forks,  1 baby food pusher
Features of safe stainless steel utensils for baby and toddlers: smooth edge, no sharp edge, no sharp point

Baby or Early Toddlers Stainless Steel Utensil Set - Education Series

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This food grade stainless steel baby or younger toddler silverware set includes 2 baby spoons, 2 baby forks, and 1 food pusher.  They are safe and fun for baby feeding, self feeding, baby led weaning, or Montessori weaning. No sharp point. No sharp edge. Mold and mildew resistant. Grease and oil wash off easily. This flatware set passed lab testing to comply with CPSIA and FDA requirements. 

The narrow spoon fits baby's small mouth. The short handle suits small hand. Teaching baby to dip the spoon into sticky food (yogurt, apple sauce, hummus, porridge) and place it in the mouth will lead to feeding success. The fork is rounded without sharp point and edge. It is helpful to put soft food on the fork tines and allow baby self feed. Afterwards, mom can teach baby to dip the fork onto food and self feed into mouth. Smooth edges make the utensils safer for babies. Baby at mealtimes can be messy. A food pusher gathers food mess into a scoopable pile. So, food is not wasted.

The utensils are all stainless steel and do not contain any paint materials or surface coatings which could chip away and drop to food over time. They are made of high grade AISI #304 stainless steel which makes the flatware more rust-resistant compared to AISI#200 series stainless steel. This set could be used as a keepsake because it will last a long time. The utensils also come in a cute packaging that makes great gift idea for baby showers and registries.

Spoon:  Length: 4.7 inches Width: 0.9 inches Weight: 0.53 oz.

Fork:  Length: 4.7 inches  Width: 0.9 inches  Weight: 0.51 oz. 

Food pusher: 4.7 inches long 1.6 inches wide 0.93 oz.

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